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Accurate alignments at IMOLA are made possible via our state of the art Hunter DSP600 and S811+ Camera Alignment System. This is the same system used in most newer dealerships. This machine has given us the flexibility to align 90% of all cars and trucks on the road today from cars as low as the Audi R8 to a large full size truck. The DSP600 reflectors clamp onto wheels ranging from 13" all the way through 22".


IMOLA is a Tire Rack distributor which allows us to offer a large selection of tire manufacturers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Continental, Pirelli,  Dunlop, Sumitomo, Hankook, Goodyear, Kumho, Hoosier, Yokohama and General. We even carry brands that are not available at the Tire Rack such as Nitto and Toyo

We also carry a large variety of wheels that span from premium custom brands such as HRE, Champion, and Fikse to more economical wheels such as Hartmann, VMR and Miro.

IMOLA Motorsports uses a Hoffmann 1550 tire machine, which uses hydraulic arms allowing us to safely mount and and dismount tires from difficult wheels such as reverse mount three-piece wheels. Everything that touches your wheels during the mounting process is wrapped in ABS plastic to prevent any damage to your expensive wheels. Our balancer is a John Bean BFH1000, which uses their Balance Force Harmonics (BFH) system to replicate the characteristics of the road to give you a vibration free balance to your wheels and tires.


Bring in your dirty cars! We pride ourselves in having one of the cleanest independent shops in the metro area. This extends to our customers' cars as well. Every car that comes in for service is hand washed in the summer and even in the winter depending on weather (we don't want to damage your door locks or windows in freezing temps!).


IMOLA considers itself an alternative to the dealer experience that can fix your car even if you have an aftermarket warranty. Using factory diagnostic tools and information, IMOLA factory trained technicians have been known to diagnose the most difficult problems and resolve them at a reasonable price.  We also provide air conditioning service to keep you cool in the summer months. We've also been known to discover other factors that affect your air conditioning service such as fans and condensers that have not been working right

Environmental Factors
IMOLA values the environment and has known to meet AND exceed all factors of an Automotive shop. On a small scale, we recycle all our cardboard, bottles and aluminum cans. On a larger scale, we use automated hand dryers to reduce paper waste, used oil is also recycled by our eco-friendly heater to keep the shop warm during winter months.