Full Service Detailing

Carsmotology Automotive Detailing has provided full-service automotive detailing in the Minneapolis area for over 20 years. Whether you need an extra-thorough wash, or a full blown ceramic coating after paint correction, we offer it all. Carsmotology is by appointment only, to book your appointment today please contact us at (763) 205-2561 or by email at

Full service detailing and paint correction can enhance the looks of your vehicle while also preserving and protecting the condition of the exterior and interior. Many harsh elements such as salt, dirt, tar, acid rain, and other debris can all deteriorate and damage your paint over time. The proper removal of contamination and application of sealants can protect against these hazards. Our detailing packages focus on the entire car, but can also be selected solely for interior or exterior.

The exterior detail includes and extensive decontamination of the outside of the car. After this, detailers begin a paint correct by polishing the car. Some darker cars may require more abrasive “cutting” compound which gives a more intensive, deeper polish. The car is then fine polished, and sealed. Interior detailing includes carpet steam cleaning, dirt extraction, and shampooing. Vehicles with leather on the interior will benefit from a thorough leather cleaning and condition to maintain the color and condition. A full cleaning of the dash, crevices, glass, and mats is also done during an interior or full detail.


Small (Mini Cooper, VW GTI, Audi A3, BMW 1-2 Series, MB C-Class)
Medium (Porsche 911-Macan, Audi A4-A7, Q5; BMW 5-6 Series, X3; MB E-Class, ML)
Large (Porsche Panamera-Cayenne, Audi A8, BMW 8 Series, X5, MB S-Class, GL)
X-Large (Range Rover, Bentley CGT, Bentayga, Suburban, MB G-Class)

Detailing Exterior Paint Correction (2 Step - 3 Step)

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