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Minneapolis MN Audi BWM service

We offer full service diagnostic, maintenance, and repair for Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, and Volkswagen. Our competitive rates, one-on-one interaction, and the ability to service most European makes and models change the experience of owning a European Automobile. Our dealership trained, ASE certified technicians come from all backgrounds, with decades of Automotive experience. Their quality service is backed with our 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.

Many late model European vehicles require extensive diagnostic equipment to accurately determine the failed component within a vehicles system. Over the years, IMOLA has acquired the necessary tools such as, Autologic, BMW ISIS/GT1/ISTA, Mercedes Star Diagnostic, VAG tools, Porsche PIWIS I/II, and Lamborghini Leonardo.


Minneapolis MN Auto Detail Minneapolis MN Interior Detail

Full service detailing and paint correction can enhance the looks of your vehicle while also preserving and protecting the condition of the exterior and interior. Many harsh elements such as salt, dirt, tar, acid rain, and other debris can all deteriorate and damage your paint over time. The proper removal of contamination and application of sealants can protect against these hazards. Our detailing packages focus on the entire car, but can also be selected solely for interior or exterior.

The exterior detail includes and extensive decontamination of the outside of the car. After this, detailers begin a paint correct by polishing the car. Some darker cars may require more abrasive “cutting” compound which gives a more intensive, deeper polish. The car is then fine polished, and sealed. Interior detailing includes carpet steam cleaning, dirt extraction, and shampooing. Vehicles with leather on the interior will benefit from a thorough leather cleaning and condition to maintain the color and condition. A full cleaning of the dash, crevices, glass, and mats is also done during an interior or full detail.


Small (Mini Cooper, VW GTI, Audi A3, BMW 1-2 Series, MB C-Class)
Medium (Porsche 911-Macan, Audi A4-A7, Q5; BMW 5-6 Series, X3; MB E-Class, ML)
Large (Porsche Panamera-Cayenne, Audi A8, BMW 8 Series, X5, MB S-Class, GL)
X-Large (Range Rover, Bentley CGT, Bentayga, Suburban, MB G-Class)

Detailing Exterior Paint Correction (2 Step - 3 Step)

Small $400-$500
Medium $500-$700
Large $700-$900
X-Large $900-$1200
Interior Regular: $150
Heavy: $250-$350
Hydrofoam Wash (includes interior vacuum) $75-$100

Suspension & Alignment


The alignment of a vehicle may change over the course of ownership due to road hazard, as well as worn or damaged components. A vehicle that is out of alignment could experience excessive or uneven wear on tires and poor handling qualities. Many vehicles undergoing suspension work and/or some engine work may require an alignment. We offer standard alignments for daily drivers, slightly more aggressive alignments for lowered vehicles, as well as a full motorsport spec alignment for the track. Our in-ground alignment rack ensures that any vehicle, even when extremely lowered, can be aligned by our equipment. A properly aligned vehicle will result in safe, responsive, steering feedback, and even tire wear.


IMOLA is equipped with the latest, top-of-the line Hunter Engineering, Hawkeye Elite Premium alignment system. Using high resolution cameras and targets that mount non-invasively on the tire (instead of the wheel) we perform accurate alignments, quickly. Even the lowest vehicles fit on our in-ground alignment rack.


Alignments in motorsports are a crucial part to the precise handling of a racing vehicle. At Imola, our race technicians are trained to perform corner balancing as well as alignments on Hunter system or string alignments at the race track.

Ghost Links, H&R, KW, Ohlins, JRZ, TEIN, BC Racing, ST, EIBACH, KONI, Whiteline, Cusco, Hotchkis, Bilstein, KYB. Energy Suspension, RSS, Techart, Apikol, Turner Motorsport, Vogtland,


Based on your budget, style and purpose, our advisors can recommend styles, types, or brands of wheels that may suit your taste and your vehicle. IMOLA offers a diverse selection of wheel manufacturers, ranging from prestigious custom wheel manufacturers like HRE, DPE, and ADV.1 to more budget-minded companies like VMR, Hartmann and Avant Garde.

Purchasing wheels directly through Imola entitles you to the same support and customer service offered by the wheel manufacturers, at a local level. Our service advisors will spend time and offer ideas and options so that you may make the correct decision when choosing wheels for your car. We work to find the correct offset, width, diameter, and design you want, and can also offer complete TPMS replacement, service, and mounting and balancing in-house.

ADV.1 Asanti, HRE, Forgeline, Incurve, Fikse, GMG, Champion, Rotiform, VMR, Avant Garde, ESM, BBS, Enkei, Vorsteiner, Vossen, Niche, MHT, Forgiato Volk, Advan, Wedsport, SSR, Work, Gram Lights, Lorisner, Kinesis, Beyern, OZ, Sport Edition, Victor Equipment, Borbet, Rial, Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Nokian, Hankook, Hoosier

Imola Wheels Imola Wheels


Automotive Software Tuning Minneapolis for Audi, BMW

Software Tuning

While the majority of our service is maintenance, service, and repair, we have always worked with companies to enhance the driving experience of a tuned European automobile. Through software tuning the vehicles engine computer can be reprogrammed for increased power, providing a new driving experienced in most European cars. Most software tuning is done non-invasively through OBDII port programming using our industry specific tools and can also be reversed if needed. We work with the following Vendors who have spent countless hours developing proven software upgrades for your vehicle:

Active Autowerke – BMW
APR – Audi, VW, Porsche
ESS Tuning – BMW
COBB Tuning – BMW/Porsche
Evolution Motorsports – Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes, VW.
Trueform Technologies – BMW N54/N55
Weistech – Mercedes
Renntech – Mercedes

Forced Induction Audi BMW Minneapolis

Forced Induction

We do not fabricate or build custom turbo or supercharger systems. However, we provide installation and pre-developed kits that have been properly researched, developed, and proven by our vendors. We offer a variety of upgrade kits for Porsche, Audi, VW, Mercedes, and BMW. Installation is all done in house.

Minneapolis BMW Audi Exhaust Install


Over the years Imola has installed a large diverse number of exhaust systems that increase the performance and sound of your vehicle. Our service advisors can recommend exhaust systems based on fitment, quality, sound and drone* Our catalog of vendors ranges from early VW models all the way to modern exotic Lamborghini Aventador exhaust systems.

Milltek, Akrapovic, Fabspeed, EVOMS, AWE, Armytrix, IPE, RPI, Capristo, APR, Active Autowerke, Sharkwerks. AMS, Magnaflow


IMOLA has built a reputation for maintaining high-end and exotic vehicles. With our trained technicians we are capable of performing annual maintenance, service, and repair on your Italian or exotic vehicle. Our relationship with industry vendors allows us to offer the proper parts to customize your vehicle to your liking.

  • Track Preparation
  • ECU Tuning
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Track Support
  • Vehicle Pick Up and Drop Off.